Prop Trading is Where it’s at

How much do you know about prop trading (PPT)? If, say, you were given an opportunity to dive into the equities, futures and options market for an hour – how far would your skills take you? As haphazard as prop trading may seem at times, there is definitely a method to the madness. Knowing enough […]

A Stock Trading Course is an Investment in Your Future

If you have a few extra bucks to invest, chances are you are looking for a fast and easy way to watch it grow. The truth of the matter is that the “fast and easy way” doesn’t really exist. So what are your options? If you have a financial advisor, he will have some excellent […]

Safer Day Trading Strategies

A few introductory cautionary remarks Given the recent advances in technology and the speed of communications, day trading has erroneously returned to the forefront of people’s minds as a simple but greatly profitable business that is easy to engage in and understand. Without thinking about their mode of entry into day trading, their preferred (if […]

How Day Trading Firms can Make the Profit from other Companies

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding day trading firms, and what they actually entail. A common mistake that new traders are making is that they cannot tell the difference between a proprietary trading firm and an online (retail) broker. Moreover, many newcomers are making the mistake of comparing the brokers based on the […]